The IEC is made up of two distinct parts:

  • The Commission composed of persons appointed in accordance with Section 42 of the Constitution, and:
  • The Staff of the IEC who are appointed by the Commission.

The former directs the policies of the IEC and the latter implements the adopted policies. The Staff structure at Headquarters is set into five distinct functional Divisions with each Division headed by a Director. These Divisions are:

  • Administration
  • Operations
  • Training, Communications and Public Affairs
  • Finance
  • Information Technology

The IEC has a Regional Office in each of the seven Administrative Divisions of the country. This strategy facilitates easy implementation of its policies and the conduct of electoral activities across the country. Each Regional Office is under the direct oversight of a member of the Commission, who also acts as the Returning Officer for elections in their area. A Regional Electoral Officer (REO), who is assisted by an Assistant Regional Electoral (AREO), heads each office. These officers relate with all the Divisions of the Commission in the performance of their functions, but are supervised in their daily operations by the Operations Division at Headquarters.