Observers accredited by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) are obliged to fully adhere to this code of conduct. Acceptance of this code is a precondition for accreditation. This Code of conduct is applicable to Domestic and International Observers.

  1. 1. Election Observers are key in the electoral process and as such every accredited observer is expected to contribute positively to the electoral process.
  2. Observers shall familiarize themselves with The Gambia’s electoral laws and regulations of the Independent Electoral Commission.
  3. Observers are required to maintain political neutrality.
  4. Observers are to observe the electoral process at their own cost.
  5. An observer may observe all stages of the voting process without violating the secrecy of the vote.
  6.  An Observer shall not disturb or obstruct the voting, counting and other related activities in the electoral process.
  7. An Observer shall not communicate with voters at the Polling Station
  8. An Observer may address the Presiding Officer or other officials of the Commission on matters relating to an election procedure.
  9. An Observer must display his/her identification badge at all times in the Polling Station/ Counting and Collation center.
  10. An Observer must not interfere with or obstruct the functions of Polling Officials
  11. An Observer shall not issue complaints
  12. An Observer must not influence a voter’s choice.
  13. An Observer must not campaign for or support a candidate or party in any way.
  14. An Observer must not announce election results.
  15. Observers should be professional and ethical in their observations.
  16. Individual observers are to refrain from making public statements until his/her observer mission issues its official statement.
  17. Final reports and recommendations of observers shall be shared with the Commission.
  18. The Commission reserves the right to revoke the accreditation of an individual observer or that of an organization for violation of this code.

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